It all started when...

In 2012, ultrarunner Michael Menard had the idea to put on a 50-mile race starting and ending at Hancock Shaker Village. In 2013, Benn Griffin added the Sweltering Summer at Clapp Park, followed in 2014 by the Vegan Power 50k led by Ana Wolf. Over time, as races were added, the BURCS Founders talked about creating a series to draw people in. 

In 2014, it was decided to add a "BURCS Badass" option, for the hardy souls whose soles allow them to cover multiple races in a single season. Those foolish enough and "badass" enough to finish the Vegan Power 50km, Sweltering Summer Ultra, and Free to Run Trail Races would earn the coveted BURCS Badass Belt Buckle, to be awarded at the conclusion of the last race. 

In 2016, BURCS added a points system to encourage runners to return. Overall top three male and female runners at the end of the season earned a BURCS Badass Fleece. We expect the series to continue to grow and expand in 2017 and beyond.

Links to BURCS Results: 

2017 Overal BURCS Points Standings
2016 Overall BURCS Points Standings
Hancock Shaker Village 50/26.2 Results (2012, 2013, 2014)
Free to Run Trail Races 50/26.2/13.1 Results (2015-Present)
Sweltering Summer 8-Hour/26.2/5k Results (2013-Present)
Vegan Power 50k/25k Results (2014-Present)
BURCS Summer FatAss Results (2015-Present)
Jug End Loop Ultra Results (2016-Present)